Miquel Matas Ferrer


After studying Fine Arts in Barcelona for a short time, Beatriz Garrigó acquired the ancestral techniques of ceramics in the Albères where she now lives.

Her work results from the simple and joyful beauties of a deeply Mediterranean life. It has its roots in Antique forms and patterns, but also in landscapes, or just a garden, a fruit, a fish, a piece of fabrics.

In her studio, surrounded by nature, Beatriz works exclusively the local red clay, coming from La Bisbal, Catalonia. She turns, paints, enamels and fires all of her pieces herself, on site.

For this collaboration, Beatriz Garrigó paints the shades of our ‘La Paille et le Feu’ lamps and presents 6 unique ceramic pieces.

A collaboration run by Lucía Vergara (Après Ski) and Miquel Matas Ferrer dedicated to the search and curation of limited edition handmade objects, focusing on culture and popular crafts.

— Object, 2021