Miquel Matas Ferrer


With Après Ski

The first edition of Après Objet is a project in collaboration with Manolo.
A group of friendly horse riders who travel around the Murcian fields and wear a hat to protect themselves from the sun. Manolo loves talking, he has a brilliant and avant-garde imagery where the Sea, the West and Simultanism converge.
Given our interest in textiles and workwear, we decided to give Manolo some fabric for him to paint something inspired by his horse riders. With it, we produced the pockets for 10 workwear style jackets that bring us closer to his workshop, a way to transform the original and classical object and imagine new interpretations. — Read more

Photography playing Cavall Fort: Rafa Castells
Models: Armand Carrillo, Laura Sanpedro, Luna Paiva, Ferran Lajara, Gerrit Jan Veldman, Irina Chochriakova, Romeo Erlich, Yara Erlich y Otto Oliva.

A collaboration between Lucía Vergara (Après Ski) and Miquel Matas Ferrer dedicated to the search and curation of limited edition handmade objects, focusing on culture and popular crafts.

— Object, 2020