Miquel Matas Ferrer


with Alba Yruela and Lluís Tudela

During the spring of 2015, I proposed a visual conversation to Alba Yruela and Lluís Tudela based on their photographic archive. At that time I often visited them in their apartment in carrer Urgell, Barcelona. I have always admired their photography, an intimate and honest work that moves away from trends and appearances.

I asked them to choose 8 photos each: images that represented them or that they would like to share. I sent Alba’s selection to Lluís, and vice versa. Each of them responded to the other, image by image. I proposed them to use images they had already developed; an archival exercise to enrich the conversation and show the ongoing complicity between them.

5 years later, during the spring of 2020, a spring we will remember for years to come, I reviewed old projects and I was stunned again with that correspondence and the strength and connection in their work. Excited, I suggested to print a limited edition of this dialogue. 32 images shot with 35mm film roll. A conversation of shapes and colors, of points of view, of moments of a day to day life.

This is an invitation to delve into their imagery.
Thank you Alba and Lluís for your involvement: this publication is for you.

50 copies*
Soft cover, 44 pages, 145 x 208 mm
*Out of stock

— Publication, 2020