Miquel Matas Ferrer


New identity using local imagery and typography to connect traditional with contemporary culture.

Norden is a place between Worlds. A place where nomadic tradition dances with contemporary culture, ancient past evolves into a mindful future, and a raw wilderness awakens the peaceful spirit. A journey into the uniqueness and realities of nomadic life.

Established in 2013, Norden was born from the desire to share the unknown splendors of Tibetan nomadic life with the outside world. Founded by Yidam, born into a nomadic family, and his wife Dechen, daughter of a Tibetan father and European mother, Norden exemplifies a community searching for their voice in a time of change. Located on winter pasture on the Sangke Grassland (Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, China) at 3,200 meters in altitude, the camp blends the lush landscapes of the Tibetan plateau with contemporary interiors and carefully curated local food, ambiance and experiences.

— Visual identity, 2020